MRI Preparation

We can provide your child with individualized materials to promote success while practicing for and completing the real MRI. During your screening interview for your school age visit, we will ask you questions about your child’s preferences for the MRI.

Images of Facility

We can provide your child with images of our practice and real scan facilities so that they know what to expect on the day of their practice scan and real scan. We also use these images to create individualized social stories, schedules, and visual supports for your child.

Individualized at home training Plans

We can help you develop an at home training plan for your child’s MRI. These at home training plans are meant to help your child understand what it means to stay still, the steps for the MRI, and to identify successful coping skills and reinforcers. We can also schedule a phone or video conference with you prior to your child’s visit to see how at home training has been going.

Video of Practice and Real Scan

We also have a video that shows a child completing her practice scan and real scan. This video shows your child all of the steps they will have to complete when they are visiting us for their scan. We ask that you watch this video at least once before your visit.

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