What Is ECHO?

IBIS is now collaborating with a national network of universities participating in the NIH-funded Environmental influences on Child Health Outcomes (ECHO) initiative. The goal of the ECHO initiative is to understand the influence of environmental exposures on the health and development of children. The ECHO initiative was designed to be integrated in existing research studies to understand how different components such as physical, chemical, biological, social, and behavioral factors, can influence health outcomes. The study will be focusing on upper and lower airway health outcomes, obesity, and neurodevelopment, as well as pre-, peri-, and postnatal outcomes, as these health outcomes have the greatest public health impact in pediatric populations.

How will this Influence your IBIS-School Age visit?

Families that choose to enroll in the ECHO initiative will have a few measures added to their visit. Children will have additional assessments, while parents have additional questionnaires. Children may be asked to provide biospecimens such as hair or toenail clippings. The questionnaires for parents will have components to be completed at the visit, as well as at-home surveys. For families that are traveling to an IBIS location for their school age visit, their visit may be extended by a partial day or parents may be sent additional questionnaires to complete at home.

Compensation for participating in ECHO is $100.

What IF you already had your school age Visit?

For families that have already re-visited their nearest IBIS location, they may be invited back for an abbreviated visit about a year after their school age visit to participate in the ECHO initiative. It is also possible that your family will be invited to participate in ECHO remotely without the need for travel. If your family participates in person, all travel related expenses will be reimbursed.

Compensation for participating in ECHO is $100.

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